If you're here that must mean you see the value in having family photos. If you're not quite convinced let me tell you exactly why these moments are so important to capture.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you just how fleeting these moments are. Every parent has heard it before, "don't blink, or you'll miss it all." And well, as annoying as it can be to hear sometimes, it is the truth.

One day you find yourself with a round tummy, too much heartburn and hips that waddle just a little more than usual.

Then the next you have this tiny human being in your arms that YOU have to take care of. They basically can't do anything by themselves, except maybe poop.

And before you know it, those tiny little feet fit into sneakers that you can't stop chasing after because they just won't slow down.

Before long you are shuffling them out the door to their first day of preschool, which eventually becomes their last day of high school.

It happens all too quickly, and at the end of the day you have your memories to fall back on. And hopefully you're not me and your memory actually works,

but even if it is impeccable, having all of these years/moments/milestones captured, means you have something solid that you can hold in your hand, to look at.

And you can physically share these memories with your loved ones. Think of your children and your children's children, and just how important these photos will be to them.

And now that I have set the groundwork for why photos are so important, maybe you'll understand why having your lives documented, and not just posed perfectly in a frame, is also important.

I love capturing the chaos that is every family. I love the different dynamics. I love that your children fight one second, and are best friends the next.


So when you book a session with me, be prepared to have fun. Be prepared to PLAY with you kids. I don't want this to be something that anyone dreads coming to.

I don't want perfect hair or fake smiles. I want your children to think of this experience as a day where they get to be goofy with their parents.

When you all look back at these photos I want you to remember what a great time you all had together, and how you can't wait to do it again.

Because that's creating real, authentic memories that you will never forget.

Mini Session

Regular Session

Upgraded Session

$300 + GST

15 Minute Session

15 Edited Images

Only on select dates & at set locations

$575 + GST

45 Minute - 1 Hour Session

60 + Edited Images

100Km Travel

$775 + GST

90 Minute Session

80 + Edited Images

300Km Travel


SO you've booked a session with me...

and now you want to know what to expect/how to prepare/what to wear. Let me help!

First thing we're going to talk about is the time.

I like my sessions to be during the golden hour (aka an hour before sunset).

I know this can be tricky for parents in the summer as sunset is late and young kids probably have an earlier bedtime. If this is the case

just let me know your worries, and we can discuss your session being in September or October. Or a different way to work around it.

Second thing we're going to talk about is location!

Do you want a beach, the forest, maybe a mountain view? Or how about some mini golf, boating or a bike ride...

Planning an activity is a great way for your family to relax and just enjoy themselves while also capturing real moments.

If you can't think of an activity that is just fine, I will likely just make you play tag or roll around in a field.

I already know what you're thinking. WHAT DO WE WEAR!

Well, let me help. Outfits don't have to be complicated! There are just a few guidelines I like to set before you get started.

1. DO NOT all show up wearing the same thing. Jeans and a white tshirt are fine, if only one person is wearing it ;)

2. Avoid super bright or neon colours. As well as any crazy patterns. We want the main focus to be on the family as a whole, and not little Jimmy in his bright green t-shirt.

3. Skip the logos.. Unless you're sponsored by Fox, and I'm capturing you on your dirt bike, we don't want everyone thinking of that company the whole time they are looking at your pics.

Okay now that we have set the do nots, let's talk about the dos.

When I am planning my family's outfits I like to start with the person that is most difficult to shop for (aka myself).

I am picky about what looks good on me, and frankly little girls can pull off anything and boys/mens outfits are typically easy breezy.

So I think of what I want to wear, whether it's something in my closet, or an excuse to buy a new outfit.

Once I have mine planned, I build everyone else around it. So I look at my colours and think about what looks good with them.

Pinterest has actual colour palettes that you can utilize if you need extra help. and of course you can always text me pics! I love helping!

You want to wear something that is comfortable, and something that is "you." I once wore a shirt that I never wear anymore and I didnt like any

of the photos afterward because they just didn't feel like me. So honestly that is the most important step.

If your guys want to wear a hat, that's oookaaaay. I like to avoid it when we can as it can completely hide their faces in some poses.

If they do decide to wear one, I will typically ask that we can do at least half the session without it.

I know it feels like them, but I have had men tell me after they received their photos, that they wished they would have taken their hat off sooner.

Wear comfortable footwear. I know the heels are pretty, but they're not always realistic while walking in fields.

Now that we have narrowed down the details, I want to talk about what to expect at the actual shoot.

I typically only take 1 or 2 photos where you are smiling and saying cheese toward the camera.

The rest of the time I am looking for you to interact with your family. I may put you in a certain pose and then tell you to tickle someone,

or get the kids to run up behind you and "surprise" you with hugs. All I want from you, is to focus on your kids and your significant other.

Spend time with them and have fun while doing it, and I will do the rest!