Why choose me?

I love capturing moments. All the moments. The playful ones but also the raw ones. I want to capture the moments leading up to and following that posed photo. I want to ignite emotion when someone looks at a photo. I want you to look at an image and get goosebumps because it made you feel something so intense.

In order for you to understand my love for wedding photography we have to take a step back in time. It all began at the ripe age of 12 when I purchased my first camera. I’m not sure what exactly made me want to purchase a camera that likely cost me more than 90% of my piggy bank. Maybe it was the sharp red colour, or the fact that it would be my very first digital device. But the feeling I had the second it was in my hands was like no other. That feeling only grew with the more photos I took. It’s hard to explain to someone, but the excitement of knowing I captured a photo that everyone thought was “cool” or “beautiful” was incomparable.

My love for photography started young, and it was fueled by capturing images that made people stop in their tracks. As the years have progressed, so has my love. And while I definitely still get my kicks from capturing an image I think is next level, what keeps me coming back to it is knowing what I have captured for my clients.

While I haven’t had a wedding of my own yet, I can tell you just how quickly the day will go. It might feel like you’re taking it all in in the moment, but by the next day you will wonder how the heck it went by so fast. And that is when you will cling to the images. And not just the images of you and your significant other sharing vows, but the photos of your grandma getting emotional in the front row, or of you sharing a hug with that friend you haven’t seen in ages or maybe that kid that is usually shy, finally opening up on the dance floor. I want to capture it all, including the moments you were too busy to see.

Moments are what are special to me. All of them. The playful ones but also the raw ones. I want to ignite emotion when someone looks at a photo. I want you to look at an image and get goosebumps because it made you feel something so intense. And I truly believe the only way to do that is by capturing real life memories.

And okay, I still love myself a good portrait, because stopping people in their tracks for a moment I created is also fucking awesome.

Wedding PHOTO PAckage

Wedding VIDEO PAckage


Full film - $2975 +GST

Includes 15-20 min "home style" video

Voice overlay

Raw speech footage

8-10 hours of coverage


Includes Alberta and BC

This includes 2 engagement sessions, a pre-wedding consult, full wedding day coverage (up to 12 hours), and 1200+ edited images.


This option is great for true elopement style weddings. That means up to 5 people at the ceremony and no reception.

1 engagement session, a pre-wedding consultation, up to 6 hours of coverage and 750+ edited images.



Why 12 hours of footage?

Why 2 engagement sessions?

We include up to 12 hours coverage.

It ensures we can capture the day beginning to end! I usually start about 2 hours prior to the ceremony and I'm finished about 2-3 hours after the first dance. This ensures I capture every aspect of your day!

These are important so that we can really get to know each other before the big day, and get you both nice and comfortable in front of the camera. Typically I like to do one outdoor session and another in-home session. If you like we can also switch one engagement session out for a boudoir session!

What is a pre-wedding consult?

A pre-wedding consult allows me to offer you some advice based on my wedding experience as a photographer. Part of my job is ensuring you receive the best possible images which means creating a timeline with you so that we can best utilize your time and the natural light whenever possible.

One of the wonderful things about working on a team is the consistency of working with the same photographers and building a shooting routine! Here's a bit more of what each photographer has to offer as a second shooter at your wedding!




Megan natural method of candid's mixed with prompted photos is a lovely addition as a second shooter to any wedding. She works great with all sizes of weddings! Adding a sprinkle more of documentary and prompted poses- she a wonderful diverse choice for a second shooter!

Rachel's eye for detail makes her a fantastic option for a second shooter! Her classically tasteful shots are both creative and well designed! IF you are wanted to add a touch of classic art to your wedding gallery, Rachel is an excellent choice for a second shooter!

Dallas' focus as a second shooter is Documentation. Not a big pursuer of posed or directed photos. Dallas is a great add on as a second shooter to any wedding to include more candid or documentary style images to your gallery!

She also offers videography packages as well that can be added to any of the DOP wedding packages.

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