Hopefully you're here because you saw some of my artistic/creative work and decided you deserved to see yourself as a piece of art as well.

When I think of editorial I actually go back to my teenage years, which might be weird since it is a newer form of photography.

But I think of how much time I spent taking photos of my friends, trying to get that "just right" photo.

I love the calm of it, and how a slight movement of your shoulder, or your hand, can transform a photo from "cool" to "WOW''.

Finding a creative way to capture someone's beauty is one of my favorite things. I never thought of myself as artsy or creative while growing up,

and photography has shown me just how much I actually enjoy that side of myself.

Whether you have a new fun idea you'd like to try, or you just know that you want something fun and different, I am your girl!

My genuine joy and love for this kind of photography means you are going to get the very best of me.

Regular Session

Upgraded Session

$575 + GST

45 Minute - 1 Hour Session

60 + Edited Images

100Km Travel

$775 + GST

90 Minute Session

80 + Edited Images

300Km Travel


If you have decided to book an editorial/content creative shoot with me, I will plan everything out fully with you.

We will discuss outfits, location and overall look together to make sure we come up with something absolutely AMAZING.