So you're looking for some photos of you and the special person in your life. Well you came to the right place!

I looove photographing couples, whether you're a newer match or you've been together for years and years.

I like to think of my photo sessions as an opportunity for the two of you to have a date, that I document for you! Activities that you love to do together can be the perfect way to capture your love while having fun at the same time!

I also love in-studio couples sessions where we can approach things from a more editorial perspective if that's something you might be interested in.

Upgraded Session

Regular Session

$775 + GST

90 Minute Session

80 + Edited Images

300Km Travel

$575 + GST

45 Minute - 1 Hour Session

60 + Edited Images

100Km Travel


What to expect from your couples session -

Let's get one of the main questions out of the way - what time will the session be at?

I shoot about an hour before sunset to create the best lighting! I also love to shoot into the "blue hour" (aka - after the sun has gone down).

Now let's chat location -

Believe it or not, this is one of the most important decisions about your session! We want it to reflect the two of you as a couple. I also think it's important to pick this before you start thinking about outfits. There are so many options when it comes to where you would like your shoot to be. We can do anything from an activity, like bike riding, mini golf, paddle boarding, etc to just choosing a pretty location. Even your home or yard are great options! I recommend trying to think of a place that is meaningful to you but if you're having a difficult time thinking of something you can always reach out to me to discuss it more! I have a few places in mind that are always great to fall back on if need be.

And now for the decision everyone has a hard time with - outfits!

Let's start with the things to avoid...

Neon colours, logos, crazy patterns. I also say, avoid black when you can!

Also, try your best to leave the ball caps at home, or off your heads for at least half the session!

The first three things will draw your eye to them rather than the two of you, and the latter can pull a lot of colour out of the images.

Wear something that is comfortable and feels like "you." There's nothing worse than getting images back and not loving them because you wore an outfit that you would never normally pull from your closet. Neutral and pastel colours are always great to work with! I recommend going on pinterest or google and searching different colour palettes to see what works well together! Plan your outfit to match the scenery as well. For example if your shoot is at the beach, wearing shorts or a dress would be perfect! I think a lot of people get hung up on thinking their outfits need to be complicated gorgeous works of art, when really a pair of jean shorts and a basic t-shirt look great! I love working with my clients on their outfits so please, please reach out if you have any questions or need more guidance!


I know sometimes nerves can run wild, especially if you have never had a couples shoot before. But try your best to relax and trust me as your photographer. I will guide you through the entire process so that you won't feel all that pressure!

If you like to drink or smoke, I recommend dabbling in that a bit before the shoot to help with those nerves. Also feel free to bring some to the session!

We will chat for a bit before we get started, and I'll explain a bit more about what to expect, but here is the jist of it...

I will put you in a "pose" and then the two of you just need to interact with one another! Kisses, whispers, squeezes, giggles. All the things to just really love on each other for the session!

I will guide you on where to put your hands, or where to look, or when to kiss, but the more that the two of you naturally do that, the better the flow of the session! I love to get you guys to have fun during the session as well. So a bit of running/chasing, some hip bumps, maybe rolling around on the ground. Anything to get some natural laughs and to just ensure you both actually do have a great time!

When you look back at these pictures you want to feel the emotion from that day in them, so creating an awesome emotion during the session is the best way to do that! Just lean into one another and really enjoy the one on one time with no distractions (other than me lol).